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Want to Bright Career in Acupuncture Field With us

Become A Rock Star in Acupuncture and Allied Science of Acupuncture Therapy

Why we have to Study Acupuncture?

Because , if provides a way to understand life from a totally new and revealing perspective that will broaden your horizons, deepen your understanding of how life, health and disease function, and develops your hidden caring potentials.

Ancient Therapy in Modern Time

we’re delighted you’ve chosen to find out more about the hugely rewarding and growing profession of integrated Acupuncture.

we teach you the integrated acupuncture style of Five Element Constitutional. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory to enable our students to confidently and effectively treat a wide range of illnesses affecting the body, mind and spirit from the moment they enter the clinic.

Join the one of the most reliable integrated Acupuncture College & Hospital in the India established in 2018 teaching excellence Gain your education in integrated Acupuncture to embark on a rewarding career with meaning and purpose, making a difference to the health and wellness of your patients.

Enjoy an interactive, practical and comprehensive course, fully accredited by the Maharashtra council of Acupuncture.

Take advantage of our flexible study and finance plans to fit around your busy work and family life Become part of a vibrant, supportive and

warm student community with like-minded and passionate peers and teachers.

We believe that our student- centered approach and our commitment to teaching excellence is what creates such high student satisfaction.

remain in fulfilling practices We’re really proud that our strong reputation has allowed us to welcome students from all over the INDIA often through recommendation

and referral from fellow acupuncturists.

We know that our student’s lives are often full with work and family, so we offer flexible courses either over Regular weekends or on weekdays which lead to MAC

We also have financing plans and eligible students can apply for student and maintenance Financial Support.

All our teachers has experienced integrated acupuncturists and passionate teachers, committed to helping you realise your potential

and training you to be part of a hugely rewarding and growing profession.

Join us on an open day to experience the wide range of benefits of studying integrated acupuncture with us and to take part in a hands-on

taster workshop in the art of Tongue, pulse, Face, Eyes & Ear diagnosis.

Along with medical Revision.

Learn also Allied Sciences.