A society for human advancement


Registered under registration act- 21 of 1860

Registration number 340 of 2004/05


Aims and objectives

  1.  To establish alternative medical college and hospital of naturopath, acupuncture, acupressure, hijama (cupping) and to provide best education quality and proper treatment.
  2.  Programmatic objectives the college of naturopathic medicine: facilitates the transformation of students to competent, compassionate, culturally sensitive naturopathic physicians who excel in a variety of healthcare settings. Cultivates an exceptional academic environment that supports research and scholarly activities to enhance student learning and advance the profession.
  3.  To provide opportunities in education, research and patient care for students and faculty. Supports alumni with resources and opportunities for professional development.Provides excellent naturopathic health and wellness services to the diverse population
  4.  To emphasis humanitarian issues and to act as an effective voice for the concerns of ordinary people.
  5.  To follow all rules and regulations of indian constitution.
  6.  You all can be a part of our association to save the people and serve the nation.
  7.  To take a long term approach and other focus on immediate support in disaster situations.
  8.  To help women for their rights, to restrict violence against women including psychological and sexual abuse, to restrict early marriages. To promote cultural practice which preclude women’s right to make their own decisions.
  9.  To take role such as advocacy, education, training and programs for monitoring what has or has not been achieved.
  10.  A dream that no women tolerates abuse in silence, that every girl has the right To a future of her own choosing and that every individual Irrespective of social status has access to quality health care”.
  11.  To strive to h heal our nation from diseases, we will work to find new ways.
  12.  We seek to spread the light of hope and care wherever we find the darkness of anguish and despair.